Cream Brulee 120 grams 6,90 BGN
Cream Brulee in pineapple 500 grams

14,90 BGN
Chocolate soufflé 150 grams
served with a scoop of ice cream
8,90 BGN
Cream Mascarpone 200 grams
filo pastry with a fluffy cream of mascarpone cheese, powdered sugar, peaches, chocolate curls
8,90 BGN
Biscuit cake 200 grams
biscuits, mascarpone cheese, strained yogurt, liquid chocolate, sour cream
9,90 BGN
Blueberry cheesecake 120 grams
biscuits, butter, cream cheese, mascarpone, sugar and mix of berries
11,90 BGN
French rural cake 160 grams
flour, cow butter, fresh milk, honey, walnuts
10,90 BGN
Lind cake 160 grams
mascarpone, Philadelphia cheese, powdered sugar, liquid chocolate and biscuits
10,90 BGN
Homemade pancakes 250 grams
2 pancakes with chocolate, jam or honey, fruits and a glass of buttermilk
8,90 BGN
Pancake with Blueberry Mascarpone 200 grams
pancake, mascarpone, cream cheese, homemade berry jam, fruits and a scoop of ice cream
10,90 BGN
Brownie with Mascarpone Cream and Strawberries 150 grams

9,90 BGN
Ice cream 150 grams 4,50 BGN
* products containing allergens

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