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Warm starters

Breaded crispy cheese or yellow cheese 200 grams
served with berry jam prepared by us
6,90 BGN
Chicken fillets with cornflakes 300 grams
served with Mary Rose Sauce
8,90 BGN
Chicken fillets with parmesan 300 grams
served with Lecho Sauce
8,90 BGN
Baked vegetables with cheese mousse 300 grams
zucchini, eggplant, blue cheese, mozzarella and pesto
8,90 BGN
Baked avocado with blue cheese and Philadelphia cheese 200 grams
served with mayonnaise sauce and yoghurt 
* dairy, eggs
8,90 BGN
Quinoa meatballs 300 grams
quinoa, peppers, potatoes, corn flakes, mascarpone, curry, curcuma,
parmesan, Philadelphia cheese
* cereal, dairy
8,90 BGN
Baked mozzarella with prosciutto  200 grams
mozzarella, prosciutto, arugula, cherry tomatoes, walnut pesto 
* dairy
10,90 BGN
Camembert cheese baked on a plate 200 grams
served with freshly baked Chabata bread and berry jam
11,90 BGN
Bruschetta with boletus 300 grams
in original Italian recipe, with baked bread, stewed boletus, mozzarella,
olive oil, green salad, Lollo Rosso, cherry tomatoes, pesto
11,90 BGN
Boletus in butter 180 grams
boletus, butter, garlic, dill
15,90 BGN
Baked French goat cheese 150 grams
with honey and sliced almonds
15,90 BGN
Greek style calamari 300 grams
with fine crunchy crust and dressing made of lemon, olive oil and dill, egg
16,90 BGN
Goat liver 300 grams
served on a canapé made of apples and caramel
25,90 BGN

* products containing allergens

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